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Create a Thriving Marriage

For Couples 1:1 Sessions please email us at info@mybulletproofmarriages.com

What people get from the program

Learn to communicate more effectively and openly with your partner to be heard.
Develop a better understanding of each other’s needs and wants, and strive to meet them.
Set aside time each week to connect and share what’s going on in your lives.
When challenges arise, use the foundational principles you’ve learned as leverage to find a constructive solution.
Work together to create a marriage you both desire and deserve.

Why We’re Different

You’ve been struggling in your marriage for a while now, and you feel like you’re at a loss as to how to improve it. You have a strained relationship and don’t know how to fix it. You’ve tried talking to friends and family, but their advice hasn’t helped. You’ve been attempting to maintain a relationship based on what you’ve seen others do, but it hasn’t resulted in the kind of connection you want. You’re tired of the same arguments and the same issues.

You need help, and that’s where our business comes in. We offer tailored solutions to help couples like you who are having trouble in their marriage. We focus on six core principles to help you get back on track. These include communication, authenticity, intimacy, being each other’s best friend, living now, and learning from the past. We also provide resources for money, infidelity, divorce, and failed counseling sessions. We believe in healing the individual to have a fruitful marriage. We also offer guidance on how to shift in marriage, goal setting as a couple, building confidence, living in the moment, the law of focus, a Positive Mental Attitude, and Extreme Ownership.

What Are The Benefits

Stay Together

Divorce can be an option for couples who have tried counseling and cannot heal their issues. An 8-week bulletproof marriage course can help couples shift their mindsets and gain the confidence to stay together.


Money can be a source of stress in marriages. Our 8-week bulletproof marriage course teaches how to set goals as a couple and take extreme ownership and accountability for the finances.


Friends may offer advice, but the 8-week bulletproof marriage course focuses on living in the now and learning from the past by applying six core principles, positive mental attitude, the law of focus, and being each other’s best friends.

What Is The Process

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Our Happy Clients


Chad & Lanell have taught us how to be our authentic selves. Bulletproof Marriages turned our marriage around, and we went from being on the brink of divorce to loving one another again. We were unable to talk to each other, and every conversation was like walking on eggshells. Chad & Lanell showed us how to communicate effectively, and we have become best friends again.


If you need inspiration in your marriage (or honestly, just in life in general), you should definitely check out this couple. From the moment I met them, I felt instantly at peace and inspired. Obviously, with my job I meet a lot of people: however, Chad & Lanell’s ability to connect on a personal level is unmatched. They are a loving and honest couple, who aren’t afraid to be real about life and relationships. They are here to share their life stories and wisdom with you. Every time I work with them I walk away feeling inspired and enlightened.
– April R.


The consultation with Chad & Lanell was highly informative and inspirational! I value the knowledge presented on how daily communication with my partner helps build a stronger connection and, in terms, of maintaining a healthy relationship. I can’t wait to start this journey with Bulletproof Marriage to continue growth and learn different resources to sustain a happy marriage!
– Dominique

Meet Your Coaches

Married for 19 years with four kids (3 with special needs), we have been through more challenges than most couples. And at one point almost called it quits on our marriage. However, we rallied together to create a fantastic life together. Today, divorce is the first option, and our goal is to show couples they can create a bulletproof marriage—one of love, trust, and friendship.